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We popped on down to South Cronulla Beach on the weekend to check out the beach matting. We didn’t realise it needs to be booked in advance therefore it wasn’t out, but we did get to check out the rest of the facilities. BJ also had the opportunity to take his first power beach wheelchair for a burn on the sand. Donuts on the beach – you betcha! We’re sharing all you need to know about access and using the facilities at South Cronulla Beach so you too can enjoy it.

Cronulla Beach (South) - power beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel


I’m so excited and hopeful for the future of accessibility when I see a council doing such an amazing job of making the beach accessible for all. Last year Sutherland Shire Council unveiled its latest additions for sun lovers which included the addition of a power beach wheelchair and Mobi Mat.

Cronulla Beach (south) - power beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

How lovely to see a line up of beach wheelchairs including the power beach wheelchair, Freewheeler (middle) and the Hippocampe (right).

Cronulla Beach (south) - accessible power wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

BJ has previously used the Hippocampe and the Freewheeler but it was time to give the power beach wheelchair a whirl. BJ has his own power wheelchair to use day-to-day but he’s never driven a beach power wheelchair and it’s all a bit different on the beach. At one point he was wheel spinning but it was fabulous for him and for us watching on.

Cronulla Beach (south) - power beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

While the Hippocampe and Freewheeler are fantastic, the power beach wheelchair allows a person independence to go for a wheel along the beach without someone else pushing them. Independence can’t be underestimated and it’s wonderful to see that being acknowledged by the supply of this chair by Sutherland Shire Council.

Cronulla Beach South - power beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Driving himself along the beach after some practice, BJ had only one destination in mind and that was visiting the lifeguard tent. He’s always keen to make friends on his day out and these guys were friendly and generally awesome.

Cronulla Beach (south) - accessible bathroom facilities - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

New bathroom facilities are located at the beach with a stand-alone unisex bathroom with toilet and shower.

Cronulla Beach (south) - accessible bathroom facilities - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

A lovely easy accessible walkway joins North Cronulla Beach with South Cronulla Beach. We chose to park at North Cronulla in the accessible parking.  If you’re looking to use the beach wheelchairs, parking is available at South Cronulla Beach in front of the Surf Life Saving Club. If you wish to use this space, please inform the lifeguard at the time of your booking so a permit can be arranged for you. Alternatively, you can drop your passenger off at this location and park elsewhere.

Cronulla Beach (South) - accessible walk - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We visited Cronulla Beach on an overcast day but on previous visits the view has been absolutely stunning.

Cronulla Beach - accessible walk - Have Wheelchair Will Travel


South Cronulla Beach is an ideal location for such an extensive beach wheelchair program. The beach is fairly level and on the days we’ve visited, relatively calm. Like any beach, conditions can change.

Cronulla Beach - accessible Sydney Beach

A wide gentle ramp provides easy access to the beach.

South Cronulla ramp access - beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Bookings are essential for all facilities.

The beach wheelchairs can only be booked during times when lifeguards are on duty with a maximum length of time of 4 hours per person. You need to have another person with you at all times and lifeguards will determine if the conditions are appropriate for the use of the beach wheelchair.

The Mobi Mat is available on request 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm in summer and 10am to 2pm in winter. You can book online or by contacting the Lifeguard Headquarters on 02 8522 2100.

A liability waiver needs to be completed which you can find on the council website. 

Congratulations to Sutherland Shire Council and Vinnies who teamed up to make these facilities available to the community.



  1. good boy, I love it to see (ice limbo + so on)

    I am 70 + since 56 y a wheelchair-driver in Germany. I have tried in a power-wheelchair on a frozen little lake in park; the joystik danced and so does my chair. It was wihout permition and free. Unfortunetly there is no ice anymore since 2008.

    continue be proud and have fun, yours, Michael from Berlin

    • Thanks Michael. I’d be so nervous about driving a power wheelchair on to frozen lake. Power wheelchairs are just so heavy.

      Thanks for your message.



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