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I’ve been known to camp out in front of a store waiting for it to open, just so I can grab a bargain.  Little did I know that I could literally camp on the rooftop of a shopping centre in luxury.  St. Jerome’s – The Hotel has brought glamping to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD with a unique camping experience on the roof top of Melbourne Central.

When I heard about the glamping experience at St. Jerome’s I tentatively phoned to ask if it was wheelchair accessible.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was told it is indeed wheelchair accessible.

St. Jerome's - The Hotel
St Jerome’s The Hotel – Glamping in Melbourne

I am always looking for unique experiences for our family and this is certainly fun and different.  Sadly the family were not travelling with me, so this time it was just a walk through inspection for the purposes of sharing with you all. The property only opened in May 2015 so it is fresh and squeaky new.

Walking out on the roof top I was so excited to see such an innovative use of space.  As you would imagine in the middle of a big city, the ‘camp ground’ is surrounded by tall buildings but there is an open feel to the space that has been created with a good space between the tents and Astroturf areas for recreation.

accessible tents

St. Jerome's - The Hotel.
St Jerome’s The Hotel – Wheelchair Accessible Glamping.

The wheelchair accessible tents have ramp access and ample space within the tent for manoeuvring around the queen size bed.

St. Jerome's - The Hotel.
St Jerome’s The Hotel – Accessible tent.

Tents are individually decorated but all come with heating, electric blanket and a trunk which is akin to a treasure chest full of goodies to ensure your comfort.  Inside the chest I spied a tablet which comes with free wifi, a book to read up on the sights in Melbourne, an umbrella for inclement weather and a bowling pin to exchange for a free game at Strike bowling.  Breakfast hampers are delivered in the morning and I could picture myself sitting on my balcony enjoying the provisions.

Interior of tent.
St. Jerome’s – The Hotel – Accessible tent.

There are additional treats offered as part of the accommodation package but these may be seasonable so I recommend checking on inclusions at the time of booking.

accessible bathroom facilities

St. Jerome’s – The Hotel – wheelchair accessible bathroom facilities.

There are communal bathroom facilities and I was impressed by the spacious wheelchair accessible bathroom.  There is a gentle ramp leading up to the wheelchair accessible bathroom.  Inside there is a height adjustable shower, flip-down shower seat and a toilet with back rest.  Grab rails are fitted throughout and a wash basin with room for wheelchair access is also in the bathroom.


Cafe and bar at St. Jerome’s – The Hotel.

The roof top area has plenty of space for kids to play and a bar is open in the evenings for adults to enjoy.  Strike bowling is just outside and has wheelchair access if you fancy a game.  If you forget to pack anything or just fancy a bit of retail therapy you have shops to explore right on your doorstop and plenty of food options for dinner.  Personally, I can’t think of anything better than sitting back with a glass of wine, star gazing and enjoying being in the great outdoors with all the comforts.  That’s my kind of camping!

Strike bowling.

As I was leaving guests were checking in for their glamping experience.  I recognised the eagerness and anticipation on their faces as they rounded the corner and saw where they would be spending the evening.   I wished our family were joining the happy campers.  Maybe another time?

Happy Camper sign outside the tents sums it up!

For more information or to make a booking please contact St. Jerome’s – The Hotel.

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