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On the weekend we were lured to the city with the promise of sugary fun and a few sweet treats at Myer’s pop-up event, Sugar Republic. Few outings get a unanimous thumbs up so it’s testament to the event that it spanned the ages and interests of our family.

Being an Aussie-born event there are plenty of nods to Australian favourites, like Tim Tams, Iced VoVos and Darrell Lea licorice. Personally, I’m not an Iced VoVo lover but having grown up with the Arnotts biscuit assortment at school functions, it reignites fond childhood memories. And in a world where kids are so influenced by overseas brands, it’s a good reminder of our great Aussie ones.

Sugar Republic

But don’t worry, Sugar Republic is not a serious place for lessons, it’s a fun, Insta-worthy museum which is sure to release your inner child. The kids, and to be honest us adults, enjoyed exploring each of the themed rooms and the interactive elements.

Sugar RepublicMuch to BJ’s delight, the party continued long after we left the confetti room at Sugar Republic, with little pieces of confetti appearing from the wheelchair for a couple of days.

Sugar RepublicBJ loves a party so I’m sure he’d love us to install a confetti button in his room at home. It would be great fine motor practice, but I fear the never-ending clean up that would result.

Sugar RepublicRainbow Paddle Pops, Bubble O Bill and my personal fave, the Gaytime, all make an appearance as iconic Aussie Ice Creams. BJ was certain Bubble O Bill’s nose should come off much to our horror.

Sugar RepublicI feel licorice is a much overlooked sweet treat. So, being a great fan, I was thrilled to find a whole room dedicated to one of my faves. The room smells like licorice and contains many interesting licorice facts. And within these facts I found a good excuse for continuing to consume it by the bagful because Darrell Lea advise, “Manuscripts from 360AD talk of liquorice used as a medicine.” That’s good enough for me. Also did you know, Darrell Lea has been making licorice since 1927 and makes 40,000 kms each year. Enough to go once around planet earth. Clearly I’m not alone in my love of it.

Sugar RepublicYou’d be right if you’re thinking all the displays would work up a few cravings. Delightfully, staff cruise the rooms with trays of free samples of Whizz Fizz, Milky Bar, licorice and other faves. It was hilarious watching Hubby devour a packet of Whizz Fizz like he was transported back to the school yard. The only reminder that he’s in fact an adult, was the tiny kid-sized scoop in his large adult-sized hand. No matter how ridiculous, it did nothing to diminish his delight.

Sugar Republic Walking through the rooms is like being transported into Wonka-land.

Sugar Republic


Sugar Republic

Sugar Republic is located on Level 6 of Myer, George Street, Sydney CBD. We took the Wonderland Lift, an experience in itself, from near the cosmetics department straight to the 6th floor.

Sugar Repulic

We found access throughout was no problem with BJ’s manual wheelchair but a few of the interactive elements are not accessible.

Sugar Republic

These included the swing, the large birthday cake and the ball pit (it has stairs for access). Young children who can be lifted from their chairs however, should be able to participate in all of these. BJ wanted to follow AJ on to the rainbow pictured above so we made it happen but it should be noted the ramp is very steep.

The Australian Companion Card is accepted so a parent, support worker or companion goes free with a person presenting the card.

There is a stand-alone accessible bathroom on Level 6 near the toys and kids books area of the store.

We had a fun hour exploring the themed rooms, taking photos and sampling the treats. We offered to help BJ climb into the ball pit, but he wasn’t keen. He seemed quite happy just to enjoy us all goofing around. Even Hubby got involved (see the big kid below)

Our tip – you’ll be offered a Halo Ice Cream sample and we reckon the cookie dough flavour is the winner. BJ ate my sample and his own, so it gets his seal of approval.

Sugar Republic is open now until 20 May. Timed ticket sessions can be purchased online. Keep in mind, weekday sessions are cheaper than weekends.

You can read more about Sugar Republic Sydney pop-up event here. 

Melbourne has its own unique Sugar Republic pop-up event which you can read about here. 

We were hosted by Sugar Republic, but as always, our opinions are our own.

Sugar Republic

Sugar Republic


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