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Sydney Beach Days

On a sunny day in Sydney there is nothing better than packing the car and heading to the coast. Whether it is for a swim or just to enjoy a walk and an ice cream along the beach it is refreshing and feels a part of a Sydney summer.

Having a son who uses a wheelchair definitely adds a challenge to a beach day but we have managed over time in different ways. It has become a little more difficult as he has got older and taller but beach wheelchairs are now our best friend when it comes to the beach.

sculpturesWhen our son was younger we could easily hold him in the water. As he got bigger we moved on to an inflatable dingy in the surf and now it is the beach wheelchair. The beach wheelchair allows us to walk along the beach, run in and out of the waves and depending on the conditions give him more of a dip!

Beach wheelchairs are not available at all beaches which generally means you need to go to busier beaches with good facilities.

If you are going on holidays check with your local disability organisation, as some hire out beach wheelchairs. For us the Cerebral Palsy Alliance or Northcott would be the organisations in NSW. It is worth asking because it really does make a difference to be able to get down on the sand easily.

Ring the council or the tourist office for the area you are travelling to and find out what facilities they have at beaches near where you are staying. We have done this before when visiting Queensland and other areas and they will let you know which beaches have a beach wheelchair available for use. We’ve always found them accommodating because often they are frustrated at the chair just sitting unused.



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