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Last night we headed into the Sydney Festival Village to see the show A Simple Space.  The show had us thoroughly entertained and amazed at the acrobatics of the ensemble.  As always, we were keen to check out the wheelchair access and we were pleasantly surprised.


Large signs showing accessible entry points and helpful marshalls made getting around the village easy.


The ticketing booth had windows which were too high for a wheelchair user but a bell has been installed for assistance.


I was ravenous when we arrived and couldn’t wait to have some dinner.  Once again wheelchair access signs showed the way and I had a delicious lamb dish.


I find it hard to adequately put into words how much we enjoyed the show –  A Simple Space.  It had our whole family riveted.  The crowd cheered, clapped loudly and gasped at the acrobatic feats performed on the night.  The tent was wheelchair accessible and we had designated wheelchair accessible seating.  BJ had a clear view and was mesmerised and excited throughout the show. I think it says a lot about a show when it impresses all the members of our family as there is quite an age and interest range.


I did hold my breath throughout parts of the performance but we came out of the show totally exhilarated.  At the conclusion of the show I asked AJ what she thought and how it compared to other shows we have seen.  Her answer sums up the show well.  She said, “it isn’t really like anything else we have seen before.”


Those following along for a while will know my obsession with good stand-alone disabled toilet facilities.  The Festival Village passed the test with a large stand-alone restroom.

The Festival Village has a great dynamic feel to it with music and a family friendly atmosphere.  We visited on a week night and it was wonderful to see all the city workers relaxed and enjoying a slower pace.

We don’t often go out on a week night but we had a wonderful time.

There are two disabled parking spaces opposite Hyde Park in front of St Mary’s Cathedral but for a wheelchair user who is the driver this wouldn’t be a great place to park due to the busy traffic.  The Domain car park is not far away but we parked behind Macquarie Hospital which is free with a parking permit.  Rangers are active so make sure you put your permit on the window.

For more information on the Sydney Festival Village and events head to the official website here.

We would like to thank Sydney Festival for our complimentary tickets to A Simple Space.  Our glowing review is a genuine reflection of our excitement and enjoyment of the show.  If I don’t have something good to say I choose to say nothing but this show deserves every compliment as do the accessible facilities at the village.

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