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Our family have visited Sydney Tower many times over the years and recently returned for the opportunity to try a special experience.  BJ, who uses a wheelchair and Hubby did the Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye.   My daughter AJ and I went along for the day as I never tire of the views the tower allows of our beautiful city of Sydney.


Sydney Tower Skywalk
Sydney Tower


This is approximately a 5 minute presentation on Sydney. We enjoyed the movie and it’s a good addition to the tower experience. It’s probably more aimed at tourists than locals but the kids liked it enough to want to see it a second time.

The cinema is wheelchair accessible with the lowest level reached by ramp. There’s no seating in the cinema but for someone less steady on their feet or an elderly person there is substantial railing to lean against or ‘perch’ on. As I mentioned it is only a short film.


Sydney Tower Skywalk
View from the Observation Deck

The observation deck is fully accessible and the windows are very tall with ledges low enough for someone in a wheelchair or small children to see out without anything obscuring their view. There are large binoculars set at two heights.  One taller for people standing up and some lower for anyone using a wheelchair or for small children. There are touch screen information booths set at a good height to learn more about the buildings you can see in the distance.

There is a disabled toilet facility which doubles as a child change facility. It’s a good size and would fit a companion for those needing assistance.

BJ rather likes having a snack in the cafe and AJ always wanders around the git shop.


Sydney Tower Skywalk
Accessible Skywalk experience

Sydney Tower Skywalk takes you outside the tower to enjoy the same views as the observation deck in the fresh air and without the glass. If you are doing the wheelchair accessible tour you cannot go the entire way around the tower due to some stairs but our son thought it was just wonderful.  He was particularly taken with the glass platform where he could see the city below.  The wheelchair accessible tour does allow you to see the Harbour Bridge and the Harbour in all it’s sparkling glory.  Although you are at a height of 268 metres above the ground you don’t need to be too concerned because you are tethered to a rail.  It is that initial step out that takes your breath away but even I relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience when I did it.

Hubby and I were given the Skywalk as a gift and did it by ourselves on a rare day without the kids. Always on the look out for wheelchair accessible outings we were thrilled to note that this is wheelchair accessible and couldn’t wait to take BJ back so he could experience it.

Check the Sydney Tower Eye website for more information about accessibility and please check all details carefully prior to booking to ensure your wheelchair complies.


A person using a wheelchair is required to book ahead as the accessible walk is done prior to the scheduled tours of the day. The person using a wheelchair and their companion participate in the tour together with a guide. A companion or carer can accompany a person with the disability free of charge (double check this at the time of booking in case of any changes). Please check directly with reservations regarding all the requirements for someone using a wheelchair.

Well done Sydney Tower for making a great Sydney attraction accessible to all.


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