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About this website

“Surely we can’t be the first people to do this?” I kept asking our travel agent, the airline and our therapists. We certainly are not the first family with a disabled child to travel to America but at times it felt that way. That was when the idea for this website came to me. Why not share all my research and great discoveries with others who are either, planning a trip, or are feeling nervous about giving it a go.
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About Our Family

We are a Sydney based family of four trying to find our way around tricky situations so we can do as much as possible, despite a wheelchair being part of our package. Our son is now 18, has Cerebral Palsy and is non verbal. When we travel we use his manual wheelchair that does not fold (I’m specific about this because it becomes an issue when doing tours etc which I will mention later).
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About the author

As a child I travelled extensively. In ‘those’ days my Dad and Mum were thought to be quite radical, foolish and one person even labeled my Dad ‘irresponsible’ for leaving his job and taking me out of school for 6 months to travel to Europe, Egypt and Scandinavia. These days overseas travel for kids is a lot more ‘the norm’, maybe not for as long but certainly from my experience kids travel more.
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