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Tesla model 3 review – can it fit a wheelchair?

Just about every US YouTube creator Braeden follows owns a Tesla and over the last year we’ve seen more and more appearing in Australia. They have grown in popularity at a rapid rate. There’s definitely still a curiosity factor to them, so when our relatives took delivery of a Tesla we lined up to go for a drive. Braeden was excited to hop in but his shrieks of delight reached their peak when he had the opportunity to see some of the bells (literally) and whistles that come with the car. As usual, I was keen to share our experience with our Have Wheelchair Will Travel community so I thought I’d review the Tesla Model 3 and while doing so, answer the question, “Can a wheelchair fit in a Tesla Model 3?”

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Tesla Model 3 review – can a wheelchair fit?

Our relatives drove to Sydney with a tonne of luggage in their Tesla so it seemed feasible that perhaps a wheelchair could fit. The car is quite new, so I was a little worried about the process of trying to fit the wheelchair in. I mean a new car is kind of like a new baby. It’s nerve wracking doing it with the Tesla parents proudly looking on and hoping that their baby remains scratch free and perfect for as long as possible. Our experience with a wheelchair is that scratches and dents tend to go hand in hand. We have quite a few walls in our house that tell the tale. Thankfully, despite the challenge of fitting the wheelchair into the Tesla, we didn’t leave a mark.

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy to fit the wheelchair in the Tesla. We tried leaving Braeden’s wheelchair in one piece and that was a definite no go.

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We took off the wheels and still a no-go

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Even when Hubby turned it every which way it wouldn’t fit.

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Eventually Hubby removed the wheelchair tyres and cushion and folded the backrest down and we had success.

Take a ride with us and listen to the giggles as Santa-mode is unleashed on the streets.

Our conclusion is, with a fixed frame wheelchair like Braeden’s, it is possible to fit a wheelchair into the Tesla Model 3 but it wouldn’t be practical for day-to-day travelling. A compact folding wheelchair would more than likely fit.

Braeden’s favourite feature

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

For a Christmas-loving guy, what could be better than travelling the streets of Sydney in Santa-mode. Yes, you read right, there’s Santa mode and with every turn of a corner, sleigh bells ring. Santa also appears on the large screen guiding his sleigh as you drive.

Fart mode may be a juvenile added extra but toilet humour has always been a winner in our house. Activating the horn with the left scroll knob on the steering wheel, or indicating, and having the car let out a rude noise caused a good amount of giggles from me as well as Braeden.

The roaring fire was a bit too sedate for Braeden’s liking and in our humid summer weather we really don’t have a need for it but I guess if you’re romancing a new beau it might be nice.

What our relatives say about the Tesla Model 3

I asked our relatives, the owners of the Tesla, what they like about it and they listed the following –

The Tesla’s performance, handling and steering all get a big thumbs up. (I’ll add my thought that it has incredible pick up – it went from zero to hero in a heartbeat (my heart certainly was beating the first time)

Carioke is fun with the lyrics of songs appearing on the screen making sure that person that always gets the words wrong has no excuse (I’m guilty as charged)

One pedal driving and not using a brake (unless it’s an emergency) is apparently great (though somewhat alarming to this control freak).

Not stopping for petrol is a big plus.

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We liked the fact that the floor in the rear is flat, as is the seating (some of our previous cars have had a slightly higher middle seat which is a nightmare if you’re the one sitting on it.

We thought the multi-layer storage in the boot (trunk) is good too. I love storage in a car and in a wheelchair. It even has a Frunk (trunk or boot where the engine would normally be) for storage.

Tesla Model 3 - can it fit a wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

What our relatives see as negatives of the Tesla Model 3

Our relatives believe the time display is too small.

Voice control doesn’t always recognise my cousin’s voice/instructions.

While the Tesla Model 3 wouldn’t suit our needs, it’s certainly a good car for those with more flexible needs. I’m keen to hear if anyone has a Tesla and how you find it. Is there a model of the Tesla that can fit your wheelchair?

2 thoughts on “Tesla model 3 review – can it fit a wheelchair?”

  1. I am waiting for an EV that can be modified for a large Power Wheelchair. Have been waiting 5 years and still none available in Australia. We are so far behind.

    • Hi Leslee,
      With the uptake I see of the Teslas when I am driving around I feel optimistic we might see greater progress. I think the Australian market has embraced EV.


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