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The ultimate gift guide for a beach lover

It’s no secret that we are a family that loves spending time at the beach. Getting Braeden’s beach wheelchair was a game-changer for us, and beach holidays are one of our favourite kind of holidays. Basking in the sun (of course we slip slop slap sunscreen on) and getting the sand between our toes is the best. Over the years we’ve found that we have gathered quite a few items that make a day at the beach even better and when I was sharing my list with a friend, who is headed off on a beach holiday, I thought I should put it together and share it with our Have Wheelchair Travel community. If you’re looking for a gift for a beach lover or for someone who is heading off on a tropical escape this is the list for you.

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The ultimate gift guide for a beach lover

If you are ready to embrace summer, or you are taking off on a tropical holiday, this list will ensure you have everything you need for a great day at the beach.

Turkish towel

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Many resorts provide beach towels but if you’re road tripping or staying somewhere without this service, I recommend a Turkish towel. The towels are light weight and quick drying, especially when compared to a regular towel. They also serve well as a wrap around your shoulders or legs if it gets chilly and they can be a great barrier from the sun if you are somewhere that’s lacking shade.

Reef shoes

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Braeden cannot keep a pair of thongs on so in the hot weather on a beach holiday when he is without shoes, his feet are at risk of getting burnt as he transfers. We currently use a piece of non-slip rubber matting beside the car to prevent that but after a recent holiday we are thinking reef shoes might be a good alternative. Reef shoes are an easy to slip on shoe made from neoprene (like a wet suit but thinner) and the good ones have a rubber sole. Hubby, Amelia and I use them for beaches that have coral or for snorkelling, but they are also great for a person with a disability that can’t keep on thongs because they are quick and easy to remove. We bought ours from Kmart and Big W for $10-$12. They are cheap and do the job.

Dry bag

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Taking your phone, keys and other valuables to the beach and want to keep them dry? These bags will do the trick. You can get small ones that will just fit the essentials, medium ones that will fit a camera and a bit more and huge ones that will take all the gear you could possibly need for a day out. We have a mixture of sizes. They are also fantastic in wet weather so even if you’re not one for lazing at the beach, this is a handy gift. Keep it under a wheelchair or in a walker and have it with you for those rainy days.

I recently bought the middle one from Kmart for $6

Beach bag

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We use the beach bag to pack our clothes for changing into after a swim, a drink bottle, snacks, our Turkish towels and hats. Amelia and I have a few of these and I find that a bag with a lovely design never goes astray.  Prices vary but generally you can buy an affordable one from Kmart and Big W and fancier pricey ones from stores selling swimwear. As long as you can carry it, the bigger the better I say because by the time you add in everything you need for a day it adds up.

A sarong

Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

A sarong provides a handy cover up after a swim. Even if you are unable to wear it in the traditional way, a sarong, like the Turkish towel, is a great protector from the sun and can be handy if the weather turns chilly. There is a sarong to reflect most personalities so whether you are buying a gift for a beach lover that’s conservative or bold there’s a sarong to suit. They are also a wonderful souvenir if you are visiting a tropical location. I like to purchase locally made products which support the locals rather than something mass produced in China. Ask a local and they are sure to give you the best tip on where to buy a locally made sarong.

The beach lover’s ultimate gift

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys the beach, why not buy a beach bag and fill it with items that they can use at the beach including sunscreen, a hat, sarong, Turkish towel, stainless steel drink bottle and a set of reusable cutlery. You can make the gift as large or small as you like.


Beach lovers gift guide - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

This is on the pricey end of the beach travel gift guide but it’s perfect for a photographer or someone who wants to improve their photography skills. We have been using the GoPro Hero 10 black for a couple of years now and it takes super underwater video and photos. It’s also a safe way of capturing your beach photo memories because it is robust and waterproof. I recommend getting a handle attachment that floats and has a wrist strap to avoid the chance of losing it on the ocean’s floor. GoPros are available at JB Hifi, good camera stores and online.

Beach wheelchair conversion kit

Beachwheels Australia beach wheelchair conversion kit

We’ve talked about what you can buy as accessories for a trip to the beach but the ultimate gift for a beach lover who wants to access the beach is a way to do so. A beach wheelchair or a beach conversion kit makes a great gift. Yes, it’s pricey but it will bring many years of pleasure and it won’t go out of fashion. If your budget won’t extend to a beach wheelchair, a beach wheelchair conversion kit may be the answer. If you have an unused manual wheelchair frame or can get one, the conversion kit will turn it into a beach wheelchair, and you don’t have to be a DIY expert.

Tip – often in local buy nothing Facebook groups I see people giving away wheelchairs, so it is worth keeping an eye out or putting up a post asking if anyone has one they no longer use and stating you’d like to convert it to a beach wheelchair for your loved one. People are kind and generous and I’m amazed at what I see exchanging hands for nothing.

Read more about the conversion kit in this review. 

Beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchair - ultimate gift guide for beach lover -Have Wheelchair Will Travel

This is the most expensive item on our beach travel gift guide, but this is the piece of equipment that allows us to enjoy our time at the beach. Braeden’s beach wheelchair is about eight years old and it is still going strong. For our Australian readers, I believe that many are now funded by the NDIS. Although having one funded isn’t a gift in the traditional sense of one person giving it to another, it is a gift no less to have such a wonderful piece of equipment to help you or your loved one to access the beach. You can read our review of the Sandcruiser and Sandpiper (pictured) in this blog. 

If you still haven’t found a gift for your friend or loved one, check out our travel lovers gift guide.

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