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BJ has a canvas picture in his bedroom of him riding the toboggan at Toboggan Hill Park at Nelson Bay. He points to it often and I hear Hubby chatting to him about the good times we’ve had there. When we were staying at Stockton Beach Holiday Park last weekend we realised it wouldn’t be far to revisit the park.

Young BJ

We used to holiday regularly in Nelson Bay and each time the kids would anticipate a visit to Toboggan Hill Park. The fact that the lady on the front counter recognised us (after about 4 years) is a sure sign we’ve spent a lot of time there.

Arriving at the park we were concerned that they’d say BJ was too big to double with Hubby, or that Hubby simply couldn’t manage BJ with his long legs. We knew BJ would be horribly disappointed if it didn’t work so we simply had to give it a go.

It was worth the risk.

Toboggan Hill Park.
BJ feels the need for speed!

BJ and Hubby squeezed on the Toboggan and off they went. BJ was all smiles and there were some wahoos as the toboggan made its way up the steep incline.

Toboggan Hill Park
From wheelchair to toboggan.

I feared for Hubby’s back with him supporting BJ but being the can-do person Hubby is I knew he’d give it a red hot go.

Toboggan Hill Park.
The steep incline to get to the top of Toboggan Hill Park.

I positioned myself to take a photo as they zoomed down the hill and after what seemed like a long wait, I saw BJ’s smile round the corner. I don’t think it would have been physically possible for his smile to be any wider or more joyous.

Toboggan Hill Park.
BJ having fun at Toboggan Hill Park.

When I watch BJ work hard for everything day-to-day there is something so thrilling and rewarding at seeing him have the time of his life.

Toboggan Hill Park.

The boys had four runs and I think BJ would have continued all day. I don’t know that Hubby’s body would have lasted.

There are lots of activities at Toboggan Hill Park including coin operated remote control cars, boats, rock climbing and ice skating. We’ve done many of these activities in the past but the toboggan was our main aim last weekend.


Parking is easy in the large outdoor car park though there are no designated disabled parking spaces.

It’s a push to get up the pathway from the entrance to the toboggan but it is wheelchair accessible, just a bit steep.

When AJ was younger she always enjoyed doing the plaster painting and ended up with quite a collection of her creations.

Tobogganing is not a cheap activity (at the time of writing this post it is $8 per person per run) though there are combination tickets that can be purchased which make it cheaper.

You can read more about Toboggan Hill Park on their website here.

Toboggan Hill Park.
Toboggan Hill Park fun

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