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With only a weekend in Melbourne, I had a long list of accessible places I wanted to check out including Alice’s Playspace, a Touched By Olivia accessible playground. I remember seeing the photos of the opening several years ago, and it looked like a fabulous dynamic playground with many features to inspire play for children with mobility restrictions. I was keen to see it in person and wasn’t disappointed.


Alice’s Playspace is a fenced playground (though the gate was broken the day we visited) which is essential because it’s located on a busy road.

Alice's Playspace
Wheelchair accessible ship

The centrepiece of the playground is an accessible ship which is sure to encourage imaginative play and adventures. Ramp access on either side allows children in wheelchairs or walking frames easy access.

Alice's Playspace
Wheelchair accessible carousel

Carousels are always popular with kids in playgrounds and this one has two wheelchair spaces (arms raise to allow a wheelchair to safely ride the carousel) and seats for children who are less steady on their feet.

Alice's Playspace
Water pump

I love the water pump in the park. The handle is at a great height for young children and wheelchair uses and once pumped water comes out the frogs mouth. A good tool for teaching cause and effect.

Alice's Playspace
Xylophone at wheelchair height

It’s always lovely to see children experimenting with music (unless they play really badly of course!) and this xylophone and tyre drum are set at a height where everyone can participate.

Alice's playspace
Several musical instruments at wheelchair height

There are more musical instruments around the park with the round tyres on the ground seemingly musically sighing when stepped upon.

Alice's playspace
Harness swing

A more supportive harness swing is located at two points around the park allowing side-by-side play with children swinging on the swing sets.

Alice's playspace
Harness swing
Alice's playspace
Ramp access to slides

Ramp access is available to the slides which are set in a soft-fall hill.

Alice's playspace
Alice’s Playspace
Alice's Playspace
Rocking bridge

The bridge swings backwards and forwards.

Alice's Playspace

Side-by-side see saw

See saws are tricky or impossible for many children with disabilities but this one with side-by-side seating allows someone to sit next to a child to support or assist them.

Alice's Playspace
In ground trampolines


BBQ facilities, shade and wheelchair accessible picnic tables are available within the fenced area. An accessible bathroom facility is beside the park.

Multiple disabled parking spaces are available on the road at the entrance of the park and in the nearby side street.

Alice’s Playspace is located in Errington Reserve Saint Albans Victoria.

Congratulations to Touched By Olivia on another fabulous accessible playspace which will encourage children to play side-by-side with their peers.

If you are looking for an inclusive playground near you, don’t forget to check my blog on accessible playgrounds around the world here.


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