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Today is the day! I’m so very excited to share the latest issue of Travel Without Limits magazine with you. Back in March we launched the first issue of Travel Without Limits magazine, Australia’s first disability specific travel magazine. That issue was overwhelmingly embraced and seeing the surprise and delight it brought to those who received it, I set about working on the next issue. As proud as we were of the launch issue, I always had in my mind that Travel Without Limits magazine should be a similar size and quality of other high-end glossy travel publications and this was the mission for the latest issue.

Travel Without Limits magazine - a disability specific travel magazine - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I’m not going to lie, this presented many challenges, the largest of course is funding printing such a quality magazine. Printing is so expensive, but personally I love having a copy I can thumb through, rather than scrolling on a phone trying to enlarge things. I do know that some people require a digital copy as it is easier, so the aim is to have both.

My plan has always been to only work with advertising partners who I feel will benefit our readers. I want to include products and services which are relevant. Knowing how short on time I am, as a parent to someone who needs full care, means I only want to read information that’s a resource or helpful. I assume many of our readers are in a similar position. And even if not a parent or full time carer, I imagine, therapists and business owners are also time poor. I’m thrilled to have many fantastic products and service partners in this issue, who will help make travel and day-to-day outings easier.

Although I love sharing our stories of travels with BJ on Have Wheelchair Will Travel, I am conscious it’s just one perspective. It’s important to hear from a range of voices, people with varying experiences and needs. And who better to tell those stories than those with lived experience. Over the years I’ve been lucky to personally connect with many in our HWWT community who have generously shared their experiences, and again willingly did so for the magazine.

Given the size (96 pages of fabulousness!) and the quality of the magazine, we now have a subscription model, just like other magazines  – 12 months (2 issues) for $19.90 or 24 months (4 issues) for $39.90 to help cover our costs and to ensure the longevity of it.

This issue is filled with travel tales including taking to the high seas on a tall ship, navigating the chaos of India in a wheelchair and road tripping in an accessible motor home. Glenn shares his experience travelling with two support workers to Canada, Allyson shares how her family is ticking off destinations with her son Sam who lives with a life-limiting condition and Alli explains how she and her husband took time out from being dedicated parents to their son Asher. We also have three contributors sharing tips on travelling with someone with autism spectrum disorder. And for those hankering for a tropical getaway, we have a 16 page guide to Fiji.

We know travel is a sometimes activity for most people, so we have ensured this issue has helpful day-to-day tips to help people access their local community.

This has been an absolute labour of love and I’m so proud to be able to share it with you all. We’d love your support in spreading the word about Travel Without Limits magazine. Please tell friends, therapists, doctors and educators. We feel this magazine will educate as well as provide inspiration to many. Let’s break down those limiting barriers created by people and show them what is possible. People with disability are travelling and therefore we need the tourism industry to see this, take note and become more inclusive.

Travel Without Limits magazine issue 2

You can subscribe to the magazine on the Travel Without Limits magazine website.

Let us know if you have story ideas. We’d love to also know about any organisations or people who we should contact to let them know about the magazine.



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