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One of the most popular posts on our website is Car Modifications – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. As much as we know people enjoy our travel reviews, we understand that getting around day-to-day is a major challenge for many. Whether it’s due to an unsuitable vehicle, or reduced mobility making it more difficult to access a vehicle, people regularly ask us about solutions. Recently I was dropping off the Travel Without Limits magazine at Mobility Engineering and took the opportunity to see the Turny Swivel Seat system in action.

Turny Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Image credit – Mobility Engineering

I love the flexibility it offers and the varying levels of assistance it can provide.

As you can see by the video, the Turny Seat comes completely out of the vehicle to allow for easier transfers. The seat is operated either via a remote control or via mobile phone. It’s simple to operate and can also be fitted to the driver’s seat in some instances. This seat is ideally suited to a person who can transfer easily from the car seat to a walker or wheelchair. You can read more about the Turny Swivel System on the Mobility Engineering website.

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to equipment, which is why I love the option of the Carony. With this option, the occupant remains in the seat while transferring in and out of the vehicle. The seat clips on a wheelchair base and eliminates the need for manual transfers. The wheelchair can be used as a self-propelling option or used with a power assist. Depending on the weight of the user this could be quite heavy to push as a manual chair but what does impress me is the range of variations which can be made.

You can find out more about the Carony on the Mobility Engineering website. 

Turny Swivel System - Mobility Engineering
Image credit – Mobility Engineering

When we travel we find one of the most exhausting parts of road tripping is getting BJ in and out of the car. Often Hubby, AJ and I are keen to get out at scenic lookouts but we tend to weigh up the number of times we get BJ in and out of the car. I love the way the Turny enables a user to stay in their seat but emerge from the vehicle to enjoy a view and fresh air without the effort of transferring to a wheelchair if they don’t wish to.

Turny Swivel Seat System - Mobility Engineering - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Image credit – Mobility Engineering

Funding any car modification or purchase is always top-of-mind so I asked Ali from Mobility Engineering what experiences he has had with NDIS funding the Turny Swivel System and he advises “it is easier to get funded than a full wheelchair cut-out and it is funded on older cars because it is transferable” (to another vehicle).

This is not a sponsored post, I just love the work of Mobility Engineering, enjoy sharing solutions which may help others and I’m always curious about equipment.






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