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This year Vivid Sydney has extended to the suburb of Chatswood which is on Sydney’s North Shore.  We visited on a weeknight and it was quiet and easy to get around.

Vivid Chatswood is like the appetiser to the main event which is Vivid in the heart of Sydney.  I feel that the atmosphere and backdrop of Sydney Harbour is difficult to beat but I do understand that crowds are not for everyone and it isn’t always easy to get into the city.

Vivid – Chatswood

If you are looking to have a dinner out and a short wander afterwards to see some light projections and installations then Chatswood may provide a small Vivid fix.

Projections on the Concourse at Chatswood.

The Concourse in Chatswood is where the largest projection happens and there are great restaurants in this area where you can sit and enjoy them.  We sat and ate a bowl of hearty pasta while taking it in.


The Jellyfish Chandeliers were my second favourite installation and hang in the Chatswood Interchange.  I spied a great looking gelato store, Celsius Dessert Bar, which was near this.  It was unfortunately closed but for any gelato lovers I think it would be worth checking out as the gelato is made-to-order and they look like they have some amazing flavour choices.  It is in the middle of the bus interchange.




I think it is a shame that Lieutenant Angler was put in Chatswood Chase shopping centre.  It looks stunning but looses its impact in a shopping centre with lights on.  It needs to be outside in the dark for the full impact.

The highlight of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood for me is Norbert the Nautilus (photo at the top of the blog).  He is a beautiful sea creature with changing coloured lights that really pop in the dark of the night sky.  If you can make it I would choose the city for the variety and number of light installations and projections but Chatswood provides a taster and is easier to navigate.

Chatswood is fully wheelchair accessible. For more information head to the Vivid Sydney Chatswood website.

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