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Finding a solution to travelling day-to-day is important to many of our families.  Recently I was at a craft fair and found this walking frame carry all bag.  I thought it would be perfect as a gift for my mother-in-law who now permanently uses a walking frame.  It was well made and it seemed like a good solution for her when she goes shopping.

I’m sharing this here for others as a possible solution to getting around with a walking frame.  You will have to use your imagination and picture a more modern or more appropriate patterned bag for someone who is younger.

Walking frame bag.

The bag attaches to the front of the walking frame with good security.

Walking frame bag.

The bag folds over the front walking frame bar and attaches with the velcro pictured above (right) and then has the added security of ties on either side.

Walking frame bag pockets.

There are multiple compartments which will make it easy for my mother-in-law to access things like her mobile phone, a pen and any thing else she is carry with her for the day.  Either side of the bag has two outer pockets and two zippered compartments.  It really does pack a lot of storage into a bag.

I was so impressed with this as a solution I’ve had Hubby draw up a pattern for it for anyone wanting to make their own.  For kids and teens you could use material with patterns appropriate to their age.  The large pockets make access easy for someone with hand function limitations.

Link to – Walking frame travel bag pattern.

I would love to give credit to the lady who made this but it merely came with a tag with initials.  A clever person and a great solution.  Hopefully my mother-in-law will agree come Christmas.

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    • Marilyn, This bag is handmade and I saw it at a local fair. I measured it and have put the details here, perhaps you could have someone make it for you? I have no idea where it could be purchased.


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