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BJ has done wheelchair accessible ice skating before but he has always been a part of an organised group.  I didn’t realise that individuals can also give it a go.  For years BJ watched AJ take ice skating lessons twice a week at our local ice rink but no wheelchairs were allowed during general sessions.

Our lovely carer who was helping out in the holidays suggested she take him ice skating.  It was going to be a particularly hot day and seemed like a great idea.  I made enquiries and found that at Sydney Ice Arena (closed in 2017) they would allow wheelchairs on the ice.  I was thrilled, and as you can see from the smile on BJ’s face he had an absolutely awesome time.


It was also lovely to hear that they weren’t short on company that day.  I got an sms saying, “he made friends that wanted to have us join in on the games and kept giving him high fives on the way around.”  Not only did BJ have a great time with our fabulous carer but it was social too.  My idea of a perfect day for him.


Limbo in a wheelchair ……………… problem!  Just close your eyes and hope to make it through seems to be BJ’s method.


This ice rink was in Sydney (it has now closed) but why not ask at your local rink?  You never know until you ask.  If you know about other rinks which will allow wheelchairs on the ice please leave their name in the comments below as I am sure it will help many families.


Remember anti-tips for your wheelchair.

Ice Zoo Alexandria, Sydney allow wheelchairs on the ice.

Maximum Skate Penrith also have some sessions where wheelchairs are welcomed on the ice.


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