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Why do a website, facebook page and now a blog?

We have navigated many situations with our son who has Cerebral Palsy and we thought we would share our positive experiences to help other families.  We use humour to get through the challenges.  We definitely have a few more wrinkles and a grey hair or two has started creeping in but we are relatively sane.

After focusing heavily on therapy we came to a point where we wanted to get back to travelling but we wondered how we would do it.  We were asking questions but not getting answers and we found ourselves saying to our travel agent, the airline and our therapists…..

“Surely we can’t be the first people to do this?”

We certainly are not the first family with a child with a disability to travel to America but at times it felt that way!

That was when the idea for Have Wheelchair Will Travel came to us. Why not share all our research and great discoveries with others who are either, planning a trip, or are feeling nervous about giving it a go.

Planning and research gave us a fantastic holiday and some unique experiences. It also made sure that we made the most of our time and that we didn’t spend valuable time on holiday working things out.

At first this site was just going to be about travelling to the USA but then I started to think about people travelling to Australia that may benefit from some of our experiences locally. It may be useful to those travelling from interstate or even help Sydney siders discover a new spot to have fun as a family.

We have also found over time that our stories about navigating our way through every day situations with our son have been of interest to families so we now want to share more of this on a blog.

I believe in living life positively so this is about positive experiences. There are, of course, always going to be places that are harder or not possible to go with a wheelchair but Have Wheelchair Will Travel is about encouraging people to explore the possible.

I hope that you will get out there and give it a go!


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