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Wildlife Sydney

Visited October 2012

Wildlife Sydney is a good place to go if you only have a short amount of time in Sydney and you want to see a cross section of animals without travelling too far.  It is accessible but there is quite a bit of ramping to push up when you first enter the attraction.  You will find a butterfly house, koalas, wallabys, wombats and other popular Australian animals.  They are nice and close but to interact with the Koalas for example you do have to pay to have a photo and get closer.  There are snakes, lizards, a nocturnal area where you may spot a possum, Bilbys etc.  There is a large crocodile (if you are interested in seeing the Croc being fed check the timetable as he is not fed every day but they do list the days he is fed in the different seasons).


Carers, in our experience, go into this attraction free with a Companion Card.

Check the website for more information or keeper talk times.

My tip

In school holidays Wildlife Sydney is really busy in the mornings with groups of vacation care kids going through which makes it slow going walking around and difficult to get near windows often.  I would recommend going at lunchtime or afterwards when all these groups head for their picnic lunches elsewhere and they all tend to head home mid afternoon.  It is much nicer getting around when it is quieter.  If you wish to leave and come back later in the day you can have your hand stamped so you can enter again.  Often you will find the animals that were asleep earlier in the day are awake and busy later in the day.


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