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We are always looking for weekend adventures so recently we headed into the city to revisit Wild Life Sydney Zoo.  If you are a visitor to Sydney, or even a local, Wild Life Sydney will give you a great overview of Australia’s animals.  It was 30 degrees the day we visited so we appreciated being able to enjoy it in air conditioned comfort and with easy wheelchair access.

Wildlife Sydney
Wild Life Sydney Zoo

The ability to experience Australia’s wildlife in a short space of time in the heart of Sydney is a wonderful benefit for visitors with limited time. We have many great animal parks but most are based on a full day’s outing and are affected by the weather. Sydney Wildlife is an all weather attraction and can be seen in a matter of a couple of hours. For visitors with more time you will have no problem spending longer if you read the informative boards and spend time enjoying the keeper talks and animal feeding. As Sydney locals we have enjoyed visiting Wildlife Sydney in the school holidays because there is always something different happening.


First stop was the butterfly house which gave us a close up look at the many beautiful butterfly species on display.

Wild Life Sydney
The butterfly house at Wild Life Sydney


Wild Life Sydney
Butterfly at Wild Life Sydney


Access is easy at Wild Life Sydney. There is ramping at the entrance and on the way to the exit but otherwise it is a level experience.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo
Ramping at the entry and exit of Sydney Wild Life Sydney Zoo


Wild Life Sydney
Wheelchair access is great at Wild Life Sydney

Wide walkways and large windows allow easy viewing for wheelchair users and little ones in prams.


It is a joy to have such good viewing and the floor to ceiling windows mean the crowds spread out rather than crowding around what is often a small window at other attractions.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo
Viewing at Wild Life Sydney Zoo


Wild Life Sydney
Interactive fun at Wild Life Sydney

Kids love hands-on interactive education opportunities (shhh, don’t tell them it is educational) and watching AJ take the quiz I was impressed to see how much she has learned from our travels and about Australian animals.

Wild Life Sydney.
Interactive fun at Wild Life Sydney.

The interactive displays are at a great height for wheelchair users and younger children.

Wild Life Sydney
BJ seeing how he measures up to a Kangaroo.

BJ has a way to go before reaching the height of the tallest kangaroo.

Having morning tea with the animals.

We had morning tea outside at Outback Adventurer’s Café with the koalas and the echidnas to keep us company. Tonka the echidna proved highly entertaining trying his hardest to open the glass enclosure and when that didn’t work he thought doing somersaults may somehow enable him to fit underneath.

Tonka the echidna.

There is the opportunity to have breakfast with the koalas which you can read more about here.


Sydney Wild Life Zoo has a variety of animals from tiny creepy crawlies, impressive Pythons, kangaroos, wombats, Rex the crocodile and the beautiful but dangerous cassowary.

Cassowary at Sydney Wild Life Sydney


  • Going early in the day avoids the crowds but many of the keeper talks happen later in the morning.
  • Check the keeper talk and animal feeding times here to make the most of your day.
  • The Australian Companion Card is accepted.

For more information about Wild Life Sydney head to their website.

Thanks to Wild Life Sydney Zoo for hosting our visit so we could update our blog. We have visited many times under our own steam and always enjoyed the experience.

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2 thoughts on “WILD LIFE SYDNEY ZOO”

  1. Hello there, it is an easy place to see animals in, isn’t it? I do think there’s no black and white with zoos and other places animals are kept, lots of good points and some real downers too. We’re so lucky in Sydney to have so many excellent places to see animals, I do love Taronga but can see there’s an advantage to staying more centra; for wildlife spotting too.

    • We are definitely lucky in Sydney to have so many options. Taronga is definitely a favourite with us too but some of our audience find the hills taxing and some of our other readers have trouble regulating their temperature so a controlled environment is easier for them. It is great to be able to showcase a variety of options. Thanks Julie


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