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Santa Monica – Venice Beach the easy way

Pedicabs are new to Santa Monica since our last visit and I just knew it would be something the kids would love. We walked past John from Awesome Pedicab on Santa Monica Beach and I asked if there was any way we could organise a ride for our family.

Heading out with John from Awesome Pedicabs.

I explained we had a wheelchair and wondered if he knew a shop that would be happy to keep it while we did the ride. He didn’t but asked where we were staying. We told him we were opposite the beach but up the hill, “I can pick you up from your hotel, no problem” was the reply.

BJ loved heading down the road to the Santa Monica Pier

On our last day I thought it would be the perfect way to end our holiday with a ride from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and back. John picked us up from our hotel and the poor guy peddled for his money in a big way with four of us squeezed on the pedicab. We had a fantastic last hour before the taxi arrived to take us to the airport.

Santa Monica Beach

John has a great sense of humour and went out of his way to show the kids the skate park, muscle beach and all of the highlights along the way.

This was fun and definitely an easy way, for us, not poor John, to do the beach walk between Santa Monica and Venice Beach. BJ loved every minute of the ride.

My motto in life is to just ask. The worst that will happen is that someone will say they can’t do it.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Asking certainly paid off in this instance with life long memories for the whole family.

Awesome Pedicabs bookings can be made with John Berry (818) 438 8194 or check out their facebook page

Last visited April 2014

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